Friday, February 18, 2011

Liner Notes

Even though it's late February 2011, this is very much a 2010 album as all but one of the tracks were made last year. It's a longer effort than recent compilations, but I was holding out to complete the thought of the album. These things take time, mm?

Anyway, thanks and acknowlegements to folks from FA who chipped in with vocals and such, lots of creativity there and people seem eager to collaborate :)

  • Prawst was kind enough to let me produce the track "A+B" as a score to a hot animation short.
  • I remixed a charming instrumental track by stoat77 into "Ackly", who keeps some other things over on soundcloud here.
  • Also, hobbitdragon sang a nifty cover of "Light Up My Room"; that was fun to tackle.
  • The irrepressible theblackula got down with some freestyle rhyming that I used in a mash ("Hey Girl...").
  • And I was able to remix a track by my old colleague Ray Ogar ("Bears Discover Fire"). If you dig it at all, be sure to check out his own stuff here.

    There some of my own singing and guitar work in the mix variously. Other stuff. I'm happy with the set. Collaboration is awesome, and Other People certainly make the world go 'round. Next week I start up a new second job which is sure to gobble up my "free time", so I dunno when the next stuff might get done. All things in time, right?